Welcome to the George Mason Chapter, NSDAR!

The George Mason Chapter was organized October 23, 2000, at Greenspring Retirement Community in West Springfield, Virginia, with Mary Elizabeth Seip, organizing regent.  The original purpose in organizing this chapter was to give members living in a retirement community the opportunity to remain active DAR members in an accessible environment.

George Mason Chapter has achieved that purpose and much more.  It has grown from within VIS Approvaland without.  Membership is composed of Greenspring residents and members from the surrounding area and beyond.  Due to the expertise, diligence, and interest of outstanding registrars and members, the chapter has enabled many women of all ages to become active, contributing Daughters.

George Mason, a Virginian for whom the chapter is named, was educated as a lawyer by his uncle and didn’t enjoy politics.  However, he realized that the American colonies must unite to resist British tyranny and, in 1774, he initiated assistance by writing the Prince William Resolves and sending foodstuffs to the Bostonians, whose harbor was closed by the British.  George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights, adopted June 12, 1776, was the basis for the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.  In addition, George Mason wrote the first Constitution for the Commonwealth of Virginia, which became the model for the Constitution of the United States.

The statue of George Mason, located on the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, Virginia, was sculpted by Wendy M. Ross, and resulted in part from donations made by the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution.